Idaho Forage & Hay Conference

Necternal will be at the Idaho Forage & Hay Conference, March 2-3, 2017.  The conference is being held at the Best Western in Burley, ID.  

Come say, "Hi!", and learn more about our innovated seed treatment called Onset along with our other products.  

You can find more information at the website! 

We hope to see you there!

What can Necternal do for you?

Necternal is a plant derived product company that will change society’s quality of life. In the Agriculture world conventional farming has been under scrutiny to create food that is higher quality and more organic. With this necessary pressure it makes it difficult for farmers to keep up. This demand has brought forth deeper examination to soil conditions.

At Necternal we have studied soil conditions and have seen great results when we are able to change from an Anaerobic to Aerobic states. Some may ask what are these two states, Aerobic environments can breakdown compounds in there systems that are higher producing. Anaerobic is the incomplete breakdown of compounds that requires energy to survive. So why does this matter to you. With the population estimated to double by 2050, as a society we need to find a way to house, educate, and feed twice as many people. This creates another problem, how are we going to provide them with the opportunity for the best quality of life that we have today with the means that we have.

We have two solutions, one is to explore alternative land options in order to maintain our level of production, or we can elevate our existing land and environments to achieve a higher sustainability level. In our studies we have seen catastrophic environments and with our intervention we have seen complete reversals of environments. With these reversals it has had many levels of affects from production level, health improvements, and soil conditions being more nutritious and stable than ever before.

With regards to farmers, most farmers gained a love for farming from a father or grandfather and gained land from an inheritance. When they obtained this land they also obtained the knowledge of fertilizer products and how they can produce crops with conventional products. These products are great when it comes to producing right now, but with continued use they will rob the soil of all nutrients and leave them in a catastrophic failure mode. This leaves the farmers of tomorrow, very well our sons and daughters, with a mess to clean up that they may not know how to do. With Necternal intervention it provides means to leave our children and future generations with a solution and an opportunity for them to raise production to a higher, more sustainable level. This level is what the world needs in order to continue living the normal lives they live. With so many heartbreaking stories of children and adults dying from starvation or not having the means they need to survive, this is a cry that we need to answer and fix. With our products it is possible to answer these cries. These cries come from all over the world but also very well from our own backyard. The USDA has done studies on how many adults and children go hungry or don’t have food in their lives to live a healthy life, the number is in the millions and that’s just in the united states. The task to answer these cries falls on the farmers to tackle this and they are doing the best they can. With so many struggles in agriculture it has proved to be difficult to answer these. Through our studies we have found that we are able to provide higher production levels while being able to provide nutrients back to the soil and create a system that will leave our fields in a position to thrive for many generations to come. So why not take a proactive approach to leaving a legacy behind and being a solution to what the world has to throw at you. We are ready to change the world and revamp the world as we know it.