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Onset Seed Nectar

Onset Seed Nectar is a low pH, biobased, liquid seed treatment and seed coating designed to increase seed vigor and provide new roots with the necessary environment and microbes (Onset ACTIVATOR) for natural root development. These compounds may also increase or enhance micronutrient and water absorption.  

How does Onset Work?

Living carbon compounds stored in seeds provide the carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and stored solar energy for the new growth until photosynthesis takes over.


Onset Seed Nectar quickly absorbs into each seed and aids the weaker seeds with so they may better utilize these compounds. By invigorating the weaker seeds, the root and plant development of each seed are more uniform, as is the overall stand in weaker areas of the field.

Stand Insurance

Often seedlings must endure great stress due to environmental conditions such as saline soils and lack of water. Onset Seed Nectar provides a buffer from the effects of these conditions resulting in higher seed germination, and better field and plant uniformity.  

Benefits of Seed Treatment

  • More seeds germinating per acre

  • Increased seed & root vigor

  • Consistent stand counts

  • Field uniformity


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  • Pre-treatment on seed material





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