Nature’s Technology

Based on a new, innovative core technology, Necternal contains concentrated plant nectars which include carbohydrates, proteins, and vitamins naturally stored in fruits and seeds for optimum growth and health.   

Our plant-derived products contain oxygenated organic acids that consist primarily of energized carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen. Mineral concentrations in Necternal products are no higher than what you would find in a healthy plant. 

Don't be fooled by the origin and simplicity of these ingredients as they are the basic building-blocks of nature and essential for the health and growth of all carbon life forms. Plants store mostly carbohydrates and proteins in seeds to feed new plants, not nitrates, and other mineral fertilizers. When used correctly, these high-energy plant-derivatives have the capacity to improve soil, water, production and quality as nature intended.  

Covering Root to Tip

Necternal products have the proven capacity to establish and maintain clean white roots to previously unattainable levels. Plants grow and function to the level of their root development and health. Roots darken as they are burned by salts, or as they become parasitized by pathogens which feed on the carbohydrates and proteins. 

If photosynthetic rate is sufficient, there are additional carbohydrates exuded from the roots into the soil to feed symbiotic microbes. Sufficient carbohydrate flow to the root tips is essential for new root growth. If carbohydrate flow and root health is not maintained, plant health and production capacity diminishes. 


The Forgotten Part of Plant Growth

Most people know that plants grow through the process of photosynthesis –light energy converted into chemical energy.  However, most people forget that the byproduct of photosynthesis in plants is sugar.

If you’ve ever broken a plant’s branch, the sticky substance that seeps from it is sugar-based glucose. These plant sugars—made up of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen—are the primary source of food for plant growth.

What’s Wrong with Conventional Fertilizers, Humic Acids & Composts?


Today’s fertilizers are primarily made up of mineral salts and other chemicals. Soil and water supplies today are being contaminated with excessive salts and mineral loads. These salts in excess harm plant health and steal water away from the roots, which is detrimental to photosynthesis.

Salts also harden and seal the soil. This restricts seed penetration, and reduces oxygen, carbon, and water absorption, all of which are necessary for photosynthesis.

Humic acids and compost are black carbon compounds spent of energy. The more energy lost, the darker they get. Spent or dead carbon compounds can exchange elements of water but are too large to be absorbed by a root or leaf cell.

What Makes Us Different?

Necternal products contain high-energy Carbon 14 compounds like the living carbon compounds found in a live plant or seed. Additionally, Necternal products are USDA Certified Biobased Products. 

Unlike conventional fertilizers, humic acids or composts, our products have a high level of energy, purity, solubility, and most importantly are small enough to quickly be absorbed through the membrane of a living cell, to nourish, re-energize, and generate accelerated growth.

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What Can Necternal Do for You?

A deeper and denser root system is the key to plant health and growth. Necternal enables plants to establish a strong root system in order to weather the stress that can come from nature's elements like wind and heat. 

Because Necternal enhances the sugar production in plants, it also increases pollination and fertilization. Scent is a primary way bees are drawn to a plant’s flower, and flowers that secrete larger amounts of sugar-based nectar carry a stronger scent to attract more bees. 

Necternal products are designed to treat the full lifecycle of a plant, from seed treatment, to full maturation, and everything in-between. Additionally, our solutions provide optimal care for your soil’s health and water content. 

Discover the real results you can achieve with Necternal