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Redi-Rain Water and Soil Conditioner

Redi-Rain is an oxygenated organic acid formula for use as a water extender and tillage alternative.

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Imitating the Effects of Natural Rain Water

Nothing is better for crop hydration and soil nutrition than natural rain water. Rain has a low pH, has no salt, no hardness and contains more oxygen content than irrigation water, which, has lots of salts and has a high pH. Redi-Rain is the only soil conditioner equipped with Oxygen Release Technology, which penetrates deep into soil to soften and condition.

Season after season, soils tend to harden from excessive compaction and mineral salts found in fertilizers and irrigation water. Crusting, clods, and hard pans are costly deterrents to plant production and quality. Redi-Rain is the most cost-effective treatment to reduce soil deterrents and increase water and fertilizer use efficiency while also increasing soil organic matter and soil productivity.

Set your crops up for success with Redi-Rain water and soil conditioner. From the first application you'll begin to see your soil soften and your crust and clods crumble. You can also completely eliminate hard pans with sufficient use for less than it would cost with conventional tillage.

Brandt King, UT

Brandt King, UT

What Our Customers Are Saying

Benefits of Redi-Rain

  • Reduces hardness, bicarbonates and pH

  • Increases infiltration rate and water penetration

  • Eliminates clods, crusting, and hard pans

  • Dramatically reduces tillage requirements

  • Helps free nutrients

  • Reduces evaporation loss

  • Savings in fertilizers and water



  • Aerial Sprayer

  • Ground Sprayer

  • Chemigation


Discover for yourself the incredible results many have achieved with Redi-Rain.