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Redi-Rain Water & Soil Conditioner

Redi-Rain is a stable, low pH, biobased compound based acid to adjust pH of water and other liquid solutions, to fight against salty or alkaline soils and water.

Imitating the Effects of Natural Rain Water

Season after season, soils tend to harden from excessive salt minerals found in fertilizers and water systems. Hard soil like this creates a crust, which can be a barrier for sprouting. Those seeds which do penetrate the crust can still experience restricted root growth because of hard soil. When root systems are slowed, plant growth and photosynthesis are also slowed, which leads to smaller yields. 

Set your crops up for success with Redi-Rain water and soil conditioner. The biobased acids contained in Redi-Rain helps to free minerals and nutrients in soils, to the extent that after one application you'll begin to see your soil soften and your crust crumble.

Benefits of Redi-Rain

  • Hard soils softening in one application

  • Increases infiltration rate

  • Helps free minerals and nutrients

  • Reduces evaporation loss

  • Savings in fertilizers and water

  • Strongest pH adjuster available for

    • Bicarbonates

    • Hard Water

    • Saline Solids


  • Aerial Sprayer

  • Ground Sprayer

  • Chemigation 




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