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Necternal is proud to introduce Scycle, a liquid concentrate of oxygenated plant acids for waste treatment. These plant acids enable much faster and more thorough breakdown of waste materials than with typical enzymes. Scycle immediately hyperactivates healthy decomposition and reconstitution of waste materials, even in bodies of water.

Current Challenges in Waste Management

Wet and stagnated waste quickly depletes available oxygen and causes septic anaerobic decomposition that is slow, odorous, and incomplete, since anaerobes can only partially break down residues. Anaerobes create toxins like slime, struvite, odorous gasses, and ash. Chemical disinfectants used for cleaning also suppress biological breakdown. Current waste management practices are insufficient and inviting regulation because they adversely affect our air, soil, and water quality.

What can Scycle Waste Treatment do for You?

Oxygen Release Technology

Scycle quickly reduces solids through softening, suspension, solubilization, and volatilization. Our proprietary Oxygen Release Technology distributes liquid oxygen compounds that remain more stable in the solution than mechanical aeration, which enable aerobes to quickly reassemble waste into beneficial materials like amino acids.

Scycle is so fast and effective that you can see it working as soon as it's applied. You'll see solids dissolve and volatilize to more effectively maintain storage capacity. The eventual reduction of odors will be evident. When flushing walkways, the reduction in downer cows will be evident. You’ll be able to verify nitrogen reduced by 50% through denitrification. You can verify reductions in other mineral and chemical concentrations in laboratory testing. You’ll clearly see more uniform distribution in fields where waste materials are applied. Residual Scycle in the discharge water will also prove to further remediate soils and return production capacity.

Best of all, this is done with natural plant acids that have no known toxicity, and are beneficial to water, soils, plants, and aquatic life.

We guarantee Scycle to be the most beneficial and cost-effective waste treatment available, with our Proven Value Service Guarantee. Contact us today and take advantage of our no risk guarantee to profit from the benefits to your operation and your quality of life.

Since using Scycle we’re saving at least 20% of our daily water usage. There’s a clear reduction in odor and our slope screens are a lot cleaner behind our anaerobic methane digester. As struvite and algae start to build, Scycle really breaks it up.
— Jimmy Manzel, Herds Manager at Bettencourt Dairies

Benefits of Scycle

  • Reduces organic solids

  • Reduces nitrogen and other chemical toxins

  • Reduces methane and other odorous gasses

  • Maintains lagoon storage capacity without the cost of solid removal

  • Eliminates slippery scum in flushed alleyways to reduce downer-cow loss

  • Reduces plugging on solid removal screens

  • Enables uniform field application

  • Reduces toxic build up in soils

  • Minimizes runoff and leaching of nutrients


Plan for the Future

The Global Water System Project reports water is one of the most serious factors that limit human development in the 21st century. The scientists working on the water project concluded that the increase in the use of water around the world, combined with the permanent degradation of existing water supplies, is currently on an “unsustainable trajectory” that could lead to a global tipping point in the near future. Professor Janos Bogardi, of Bonn University, a senior adviser to the water system project, reported five hundred of the world’s leading water scientists believe current mismanagement and misuse of scarce water resource threaten to plunge most of the global population into extreme water poverty.

The EPA publication, Blueprint for Integrating Technology Innovation into the National Water Program, states technology innovation can help address our water challenges and put us on a more sustainable path while supporting economic growth. It also states that excess nitrogen and phosphorus are one the leading causes of water pollution across the nation. New technologies need to reduce and recover nutrients at less cost and with a reduced carbon footprint.

Seeing is Believing

Discover for yourself the incredible results others have achieved with Scycle. Regardless of your region or conditions, we're confident Scycle will reduce your compost and waste while improving your dairy lagoon areas better than anything else you've used. 

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