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Plant-Derived Spray Adjuvant

Synergist is a plant-derived spray adjuvant for glyphosate acid to reduce weed resistance. It was created by concentrating and ionically enhancing naturally occurring plant acids that inherently increase contact, absorption, and translocation downward to the roots. 

Synergist more effectively translocates systemic chemicals to the plant and roots than mineral-based additives. Mineral formulations flow upward in the plants open pipeline, but do not readily flow downward to the roots. Our nano-sized plant acids increase permeability and naturally carry glyphosate downward with plant sugars to all root tips.

Kills Resistant Weeds

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Synergist has shown more capacity to kill resistant weeds when used exclusively with glyphosate acid at a 1:1 ratio than mineral-based adjuvants and additional herbicides that are also undesirably phytotoxic and tend to momentarily stress the crops.

Once agitated, Synergist attaches to each molecule of glyphosate acid as a nano-sized molecular compound that remains perfectly soluble to enable membrane transfer through protective layers of resistant weeds.


  • Buffer pH & Salts in the Source Water

  • Increase Absorption on Resistant Plants

  • Carry More Glyphosate to the Roots


Use 32 to 48 ounces per acre with a 1:1 ratio glyphosate ounces used per acre depending on the level of weed resistance and spray water quality which can reduce chemical efficacy. 


  1. Begin filling tank with water

  2. While agitating add Synergist

  3. While agitating add glyphosate

  4. Continue to agitate while filling & spraying