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Vitalife Plant and Soil Amendment

Vitalife is a carbohydrate-based organic acid formula designed to increase root growth for enhanced nutrient and water uptake.

How do Plants Naturally Grow?

Through photosynthesis, plants utilize the sun to create carbohydrates for new cell development and growth. Carbohydrates create roughly 97% of a plant's makeup. Common nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphate found in fertilizers only make up the remaining 3% of the elements found in plants. 

How Does Vitalife Work?

Vitalife quickly absorbs into the leaves and roots to provide biobased carbohydrates that supplement those produced by photosynthesis to increase plant growth and development. 

Benefits of Vitalife

  • Increased root development

  • Enhanced nutrient & water uptake

  • More uniform plant development & production capacity

Includes Vitalife Activator for inoculation of active ingredients to enhance root development and health.    


  • Planter band

  • Aerial sprayer

  • Ground sprayer


Discover for yourself the incredible results many others have achieved with Vitalife.