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Vitalife Plant and Soil Amendment

Vitalife is a stable, low pH, biobased compound designed to increase root vigor, condition soil, and may also increase or enhance micronutrient and water uptake.

How does Vitalife Work?

Biobased compounds, such as carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen are the basic elements that make up plant life on earth.  In fact, roughly 97% of a plants makeup is comprised of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. Through photosynthesis, plants utilize the sun to turn these life-sustaining carbon compounds into energy and build new cells for roots, shoots, and leaves. Common nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphate found in fertilizers only make up the remaining 3% of the elements found in plants. 

Vitalife’s low pH solution quickly absorbs into the leaves and roots to provide biobased compounds that allow the plant to continue the photosynthetic process. This also minimizes the damaging effect of salts found in saline soils and mainstream fertilizer. 

Benefits of Vitalife

  • Increased root vigor

  • Better leaf and soil penetration due to low pH

  • May increase or enhance micronutrient & water uptake


  • Planter band

  • Aerial sprayer

  • Ground sprayer

  • Chemigation

Best results are achieved when using Vitalife Activator together with Vitalife as microbes in the Activator reinvigorate the soil to create a more sustainable environment for the plants. 

Plants that live in nutrient-rich soil are better positioned to reach their full potential with larger root and root hair development for greater plant growth and vigor. 

Seeing is Believing

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