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Onset Seed Nectar

Onset Seed Nectar is a plant-based liquid seed treatment designed to increase seed vigor, root establishment, and stand consistency, for increased production capacity and quality. Onset may also enhance nutrient and water absorption.

How Does Onset Work?

Not all seeds are created equal. Many are underdeveloped and lack vigor due to stress factors. Healthy plants store carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and vitamins in seeds to nourish seedlings.

These living compounds provide the stored solar energy and organic components for the seedlings initial growth, until the storage is spent, and photosynthesis takes over. The difference in vigor is how well the endosperm tank is filled. Onset Seed Nectar absorbs into the seed in minutes, to re-charge those with less vigor. Treated seeds have more capacity to overcome stress conditions.

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Stand Insurance

Seedlings regularly endure stress due to environmental conditions such as crusting, frost, wind, pests, compaction, planting depth, saline or alkaline soils, and irregular moisture. Weak seeds cause poorly established seedlings with less production capacity, because their energy is spent battling stressful conditions instead of root establishment. Onset seed nectar increases stands by an average of 17% in stressful conditions. Onset consistently increases production and quality in field trials more than all other forms of seed treatment, including clay coating.

5x Return on Investment

Onset Seed Nectar is proving to be the most consistent seed stimulator ever developed, and the first with the capacity to change the way seed is treated. For the past three years we've run multiple site tests on a variety of plants to establish how regularly Onset increases revenues. Onset seed nectar has proven to increase yields and quality by at least 5% on average. Additionally, the average return on investment (ROI) has been at least 5x due to production and quality improvements. Growers continue to report similar averages on overall results.

Benefits of Onset 

  • Increases the seed's capacity to overcome stress factors

  • Better root development for increased uptake capacity

  • More uniform stands (especially in high stress fields)

  • 5% average increase on yields and quality

  • 500% average return on investment

Includes Onset Activator for inoculation of active ingredients to enhance root development and health.   



  • Pre-treatment on seed material

Don't delay the growth of your next crop. Discover for yourself the incredible results many others have achieved with Onset.